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Worked on:3 years of IGAD lol
Diary:Mmm let's try this again.

By the way I've tried to keep the Project pages up to date, but I haven't really bothered with the blog nor other things. But I really need to vent, so here goes.

For my studies I'm working on a Procedural Dungeon Generator. Most information can be found at

However, there are a bunch of other things I'd like to do sometimes, and I wanted to put them here as not to forget them.

You know the Squeaky Voices from the Golden Sun series? I'd love to make something like that some time

I want to make a realtime-ish raytracer, Wolfenstein 3D style. Why? Well, cause NOTCH did it, i guess lol.

I've been really struggling with anything 3D, Ogre3D is like a magic box for me which either works or it does not, and if it does not I get confused. That's why I'd love to work on my own software/hardware renderer for personal use.

I would like to learn Objective C and do more with IPads and other gadgets. It would be real fun to make a portable game for these devices

Also, I'm wondering whether programming in Java has any added value. Again, watching the Ludum Dare competition (Sorry no link, just paste it in google) and Notch really gave me some inspiration.

some other things:

  • more sound-related development
  • I like RPGs, achievements, upgrades
  • Want to make a bonafide Game and not some random stuff
  • Want to go through old code and make it cool and spiffy
  • Want to make an Anime Music Video
  • Want to make an EVE Online related video
  • Redo this site, focus on Projects
  • Put sourcecode online, show I've learned
What I need is motivation and self-confidence, and ultimately the ability to devide my time better as well as focus on something and actually finish it.
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