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Mood:Happy! XD
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Diary:Ok, maybe i should update this more often! ^_^'

Where to start... My girlfriend got a kitten! It's really cute. If I can find one i will post a picture. Furthermore I've abandoned my school (fur real) and I've worked hard to be accepted at the Game Academy. A while ago I got a letter from the school, stating that i was 4th! fourth! That means 3 guys are better then me! Also, it means that unless something really stupid (administrative errors and such) happens, I'm accepted! Woo, I'm so happy XD

It does bring its own problems. Now, i need to find a new room in Breda, and that's actually really hard! Not only there are a lot of students, and a very little amount of rooms (Every room i've seen had around 40 other people interested), also, I'm not really 'social' enough to be accepted in a students-house. As an extra problem, my gender seems to be unfortunate too! People prefer having girls in rooms because they are generally more reliable and more clean... I'm reliable! Gimme a chance dammit T_T

Furthermore, i've been busy on a set of projects, and i'm working at RNN7 again for the holidays! Please keep watching this space, I'll post it as soon as it's postable! As always hehe!

Anyway, I can't wait until i can start school! Things are really hectic and stressful, and I just want to create worlds and be happy! However, if i find a room it'd help a lot too! So if you know someone who has a room, please reply or mail me!

Well, see you later!


Today's biggest victory:RNN7 :P
Today's worst defeat:It's hard to finish stuff... as usual
Games Played:EVE online mostly
Game Progress:Hulk! Mining Crystals! Begun on a Manufacturing char!
Random pic of the day:
Lee siu nanghi gem
HopiNice blog Gemberkoekje! GRZ Hopi Uw Vriendelijke UFoPP President! :) this shit
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