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Mood:Happy! XD
Worked on:Tetris/Arkanoid clone
Diary:Another day, another diary input... Most of the day i've been flying around in EVE with my tackler looking for war targets, I got into 2 or 3 more killmails b4 we got ganked by an enemy capital fleet and we needed to withdraw...

Tomorrow another day another fight XP

I've also started on my Tetris/Arcanoid hybrid clone, where the tetris blocks are used as arkanoid blocks at the same time. I started out creating the tetris part, I made the starting block random, also i enabled the block to go left or right without being able to get off-grid or in stationary blocks, and the block can already turn, but it can't check yet if he can turn so he turns offgrid or into stationary blocks sometimes... so that's something for tomorrow, also i'm gonna work on the falling off the block as well as the downward clipping (So he doesn't fall into stationary blocks and stuff...)

I'm tired... let's go to sleep! Once i get anything playable you'll be the first to play it (After me that is XD)


Today's biggest victory:Started on my Tetris/Arcanoid Clone
Today's worst defeat:Ganked in EVE... I hate losing grrr :P
Games Played:EVE Online, Dawn of Magic (cool game that is)
Game Progress:Getting pretty close to Covetor, After that only matter of time for a Hulk (Oh - and a matter of money ^_^')
Random pic of the day:
Excalibur BaneYour my hero. :P
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