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Mood:Happy! XD
Worked on:Rest of the site
Diary:Time for another blog entry!

Since my last blog i created most of the pages, I only like to add a comments section so you guys can comment on my blogs and games if you'd like... Talking about games: I've uploaded my games and both my games and websites can be seen in the Projects section of my site. I also started the "About me" page but it's not finished yet.

This weekend, as every weekend, I was at my girlfriend's, just having some fun. I also visited Kloetinge at Queens day, but it wasn't too much. I did buy a guitar this weekend! Not a normal one tho, i bought Guitar Hero II for the PS2... My girlfriend played it at her friend's and really wanted it, sowh... I complied :P I'm not skipping any chance to get her into games hehe...

Anyway, I don't have that much more to tell, I hope to create some more games this week and ofcourse i post it here!

Later all ;)

Today's biggest victory:Guitar Hero XP
Today's worst defeat:I shattered a glass last week -_-'
Games Played:Guitar Hero II, EVE Online, Spider-Man 3 (O.o), Dawn of magic
Game Progress:Still waiting to use a Covetor...
Random pic of the day:
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