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Mood:Happy! XD
Worked on:This site
Diary:My first blog post!!!

Well, I've worked hard to get this site online, even though lots of it's facettes are still under construction ^_^' I hope to have more pages on tomorrow!

Today I sent a mail to my school-mates, saying that I won't be joining in the last project. I'm dissapointed I can't get my 'propedeuse' but it would've become too hard to beg everywhere to fix problems, keep up with this semester and not having enough time to make a decent game-reel in order to get accepted at the Game Academy. So, I decided to decrease my activities at the HU to a minimum, and work semi-fulltime on a game-reel and a set of websites I agreed to make for friends, and ofcourse this site! I intend to put up any games and websites I make in here, so please check this site often! Also, you might actually understand how a nerd thinks hehehe...

Well, it's kinda late, let's get up early-ish tomorrow and make more of the site. See y'all tomorrow!

Today's biggest victory:This site!
Today's worst defeat:No 'propedeuse' :(
Games Played:EVE Online, Evil Genius, Hot Dog King
Game Progress:Tomorrow i'll be able to use Micro Warp Drive XD
Random pic of the day:
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