About me

A.k.a. Who the f* is 'Gemberkoekje'??

Heya! My name is Arie Hofland. I'm a 21 year old Dutch student, and I intend to go to the Game Academy next year.

Let's see, where to start... Well, I live in Utrecht, I have a girlfriend and my hobbies are playing games, programming stuff and developing websites. In my schooling career i started with 'VWO', after 5 years I got fed up with the fact that it's too broad and I couldn't find the motivation to finish it, also because I really only wanted to learn more about computers and programming. So that's when I went to the 'A12' in Ede to do a 'MBO ICT' studies, with emphasis on programming. Still, I also learned some general stuff and more about the internal workings of a computer. I also went to a number of internments, like for RNN7. I had a lot of fun there, and even though I first wanted to go to the Game Academy I wanted to broaden my horizon and try and combine my technologic background with more communicative and journalistic skills. I overestimated myself. This year I learned that I'm just not fit for communications, and I should go and do things I like to do, and also things I'm good at. So, that's why I'm going to do Game Academy next year.

This site
I made this site to have both a place to dump my feelings in, and a place to stock up the different things I make in the coming years. I intend to post any site and game I make up here, so people can see what i'm up to (Also, that way i won't lose them)
I hope to make this a fun blog and a nice game site, so people start coming back.

Anyway, thanks for reading this, I might change or improve this in a while, but not right now :P

Kind Regards,


This site is made by Arie Hofland.